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Cummins Inc. 2022 暑期实习生 - 研发类岗(博士学位毕业生)(武汉 上海 佛山等) in Beijing, China

2022 暑期实习生 - 研发类岗(博士学位毕业生)(武汉 上海 佛山等)



  • Collect the development trends of PEM electrolyzer and MEA technology 收集PEM电解槽和膜电极技术发展趋势及动态

  • Carry out investigation and research, supplier communication, test evaluation and development trends tracking of MEA and its raw materials 开展膜电极及其原材料的调研、供应商交流、测试评估及发展趋势追踪

  • Establish evaluation specifications for MEA structure, performance, service life and electrochemistry, and assist in establishing quality control standards and detection specifications for MEA products 建立膜电极结构、性能、寿命、电化学等方面的评测规范,协助建立膜电极产品质量控制标准和检测规范

  • Build a platform for MEA failure lifetime analysis 搭建膜电极失效与寿命分析平台

  • Carry out research and development tasks related to MEA structure, material formula optimization, preparation process improvement and so on 开展膜电极结构体系、材料体系配方优化、制备工艺改进等相关研发任务

  • The characterization, test and result analysis of MEA structure, performance and lifetime are carried out, and the optimization solutions are advised 开展膜电极结构、性能及寿命的表征、测试与结果分析,并提出优化解决方案



  • Prefer PHD's degree on material science, electrochemistry, chemical engineering and other professional background 博士材料学、电化学、化工等专业背景

  • Master the existing MEA detection and characterization methods 掌握现有膜电极检测表征方法

  • Be proficient in reading English materials, be proficient in statistical processing of relevant test data, and summarize and report the experimental results 能熟练查阅本专业英文资料,能熟练进行相关检测数据统计处理并对实验结果进行总结和汇报

  • Having experience in performance and life evaluation of MEA in fuel cell and PEM electrolyzer or familiar with MEA performance improvement mechanism and failure mechanism is preferred 有燃料电池、PEM电解槽膜电极性能及寿命评测工作经验或熟悉膜电极性能提升机理及失效机理者优先考虑

  • Good communication and expression skills, cheerful personality, team spirit and strong sense of responsibility 良好的沟通及表达能力,性格开朗、具有团队意识和强烈的工作责任感


Primary Location China-Beijing-Beijing-China, Beijing, CUMMINS HQ

Job Type College / University

Recruitment Job Type Student - Internship

Job Posting Feb 25, 2022, 9:04:14 AM

Unposting Date Ongoing

Organization Corporate

Req ID: 220001G9