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Cummins Inc. 2022 暑期实习 - 燃油系统工程师 in Chongqing, China

2022 暑期实习 - 燃油系统工程师


  • Diesel Fuel System Integration for High Horse Power Engines:

  • 大马力发动机的柴油燃油系统集成:

  • New Electronic Fuel System Integration & Development on Power System High Horse Power Engine Product - QSK19, QSK38, and QSK50.

  • 动力系统大马力发动机产品- QSK19、QSK38 和 QSK50 上的新电子燃油系统集成与开发。

  • Engine Applications: Power Generation, Industrial Mining, Marine.

  • 发动机应用:发电、工业采矿、船舶。

  • Development of key critical fuel system components – High Pressure Fuel Injectors, High Pressure Fuel Pump, Fuel Filtration, Fluid Conveyance Systems, Low Pressure Fuel System Components.

  • 开发关键燃油系统部件 – 高压燃油喷射器、高压燃油泵、燃油过滤、流体输送系统、低压燃油系统部件。

  • System level iDFMEA ownership and driving key NUD's (New Unique and Difficult problems) into validation tasks to ensure proper detection, and resolutions are in place.

  • 系统级 iDFMEA 所有权和驱动关键 NUD(新独特和困难问题)到验证任务,以确保正确检测,并解决到位。

  • Layout Plan and Strategize existing resource to Conduct Design Validation Testing for Fuel System Components: High Pressure Fuel Injectors, High Pressure Fuel Pump, Fuel Filtration, Fluid Conveyance Systems, Low Pressure Fuel System Components.

  • 布局计划和战略现有资源,以对燃油系统部件进行设计验证测试:高压燃油喷射器、高压燃油泵、燃油过滤、输油系统、低压燃油系统部件。

  • Supplier Selection & Manufacturability Discussion on New Parts - Localization project.

  • 供应商选择与可制造性新零件讨论 - 本地化项目。

  • Component Development Ownership for High Pressure and Low-Pressure system components – Working with designers on Design related task, with analysts on analysis tasks, with purchasing team on supplier discussion, with quality engineering team on Quality related tasks, with test engineering team on component and engine testing, with product release team on production release.

  • 组件开发对高压和低压系统组件的所有权 – 与设计人员一起执行设计相关任务,与分析师一起执行分析任务,与采购团队讨论供应商讨论,与质量相关任务的质量工程团队合作,与组件和发动机测试测试工程团队合作,与产品发布团队一起完成生产发布。

  • Conduct design reviews for Production Release of fuel system Components to D (Design Phase), to L (Limited Production Phase), and P (Production Phase) - Successful SOP (Start of Production) Launch

  • 对燃油系统组件生产发布到 D(设计阶段)、L(有限生产阶段)和 P(生产阶段)进行设计评审 - 成功推出 SOP(开始生产)

  • Lead supplier meetings to ensure supplier meets the expectations from the program for the DFS hardware.

  • 领导供应商会议,确保供应商满足 DFS 硬件计划的期望。

  • Problem resolution and ensuring to drive the solution to the field and customer.

  • 问题解决,确保将解决方案驱动到现场和客户。

  • Support internal and external customers on training, trouble shooting and problem solving.

  • 支持内部和外部客户培训、解决问题。

  • Lead cross-functional reviews.

  • 领导跨职能审查。


  • Masters in Internal Combustion engines, or automotive engineering or related technical fiel

  • 内燃机、汽车工程或相关技术领域的硕士。

  • Good written and spoken English skills. Interfacing with Global Teams - US/UK/India.

  • 良好的英语书面和口语技能。与全球团队互动 - 美国/英国/印度。

  • Candidate should have basic knowledge in Fluid Mechanics & Thermodynamics.

  • 应聘者应具备流体力学和热力学的基本知识。

  • Able to analyze and solve problems independently and pull together cross functional group if needs team assessment in problem resolution.

  • 能够独立分析和解决问题,如果需要团队评估问题解决,能够将跨职能组联合起来。

  • Should have patience & ability working with multiple teams and bringing them together for problem resolution, for team discussion, for getting collaborative work done when required for the job.

  • 应有耐心和能力与多个团队合作,并把他们聚集在一起解决问题,进行团队讨论,在需要工作时完成协作工作。

  • Know how to use MS Office – Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel.

  • 知道如何使用 MS Office – 微软 Word、微软 PowerPoint、微软 Excel。

  • Data analysis – Use data analysis skills to reduce test data, visualize results (charts in excel or any other data processing tool), and present conclusions.

  • 数据分析 – 使用数据分析技能减少测试数据,可视化结果(Excel 中的图表或任何其他数据处理工具),并得出结论。

  • Presentation Skills – Need to have experience and ability to create good presentations. Concise, detailed, clear, and neat presentation skills.

  • 演示技巧 – 需要有经验和能力来创建良好的演示文稿。简洁、详细、清晰、整洁的演示技巧。


Primary Location China-Chongqing-Chongqing-China, Chongqing, CCEC LIJIA

Job Type Internship

Recruitment Job Type Student - Internship

Job Posting Mar 24, 2022, 2:43:36 AM

Unposting Date Ongoing

Organization Power Systems Business

Req ID: 220001VJ